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Rodent Proofing Services

We have a dedicated team of specialist rodent proofing experts to provide pest proofing services nationally.

How do I stop rodents from getting in my property?

An infestation of rodents almost certainly stems from an opportunist rodent that has found its way into a building through a gap under a door, through damaged drainage systems or surprisingly small holes.

Any of these provides easy access to shelter, warmth and potentially a sustainable food source. Making sure these are sealed and proofed using suitable materials is key in reducing the risk of rodent infestation.

With legislation becoming stricter on the usage of rodenticide, proofing plays a key role in the ability of a pest controller to use certain products, for example, toxic baiting is now only possible when certain criteria are met, including proofing works being undertaken.

Preventing infestations

Our team of experts knows which products work best at keeping rodents out, and our technicians use a wide range of professional materials that are specially designed for this purpose such as door guards, pipe guards, vent protectors, dock leveler guards.

The complex nature of this work and the rodent control services we provide is why we have our own in house dedicated team of specialist proofing experts to provide pest proofing services nationally.

Also take a look at our top 3 tips for preventing rodent infestations.

Other rodent proofing services you may be interested in...

Vergo often works with builders at the new build phase or refurbishment of existing premises, to support them in ensuring the premises are pest proofed prior to hand over. Our specialist surveyors assess and provide fully detailed proofing proposals, equipment and materials requirements.

We are also often called to rectify poorly proofed buildings where inappropriate materials have been used by non-specialist builders, and rodents still have free rein to access the property.

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