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Fly Pest Control & Extermination Services

Vergo has a number of methods at its disposal that can be deployed to control the risk of fly infestation.

How to Get Rid of Flies

Fly Control

Fly control can be achieved in a number of ways.

Besides chemical treatments, Vergo can help prevent flying insect access to properties by screening windows and doors, we can install external fly traps, and we can install professional UV internal fly control units.

Where situations arise we can carry out a fogging, spray treatments or ULV to knock down high numbers of flies.

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Do Flies Carry Disease?

People associate flies with poor cleanliness, these pests annoy homeowners and disgust customers of many commercial businesses.

Flies carry many disease organisms and can deposit these on any surface that they land on such as worktops, food items or bars.

The UK has a wide variety of species of flies that are classed as pests, due to the fact that they can be major carriers of diseases such as Salmonella spp. and E.coli.

No matter what the species of fly you may have that presents a risk to your property, prevention is better than cure to protect your business’s reputation. Vergo has a number of methods at its disposal that can be deployed to control the risk of infestation.

All species of flies will live outdoors in the UK. They are highly mobile and will find the smallest gap to enter a building and infest favourable habitats with your property. Each species has its own niche as can be seen below.

Common Fly Species in the UK

Here we explore the common flies of the UK. Read more to take a closer look at the various fly species from across the country.

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Our qualified team of technicians are all professionally trained and certified to be able to provide you with solutions that will solve your fly problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Vergo is a certified BPCA member, offering the British Standard for Pest Management.

Risks Flies Pose To Your Business Or Organisation

The presence of even one fly in a food or hospitality establishment can pose significant risks. These problematic insects can compromise the quality of your products and the reputation of your business. Here we list the importance of combatting this:

  • Food Contamination: Notorious for carrying and spreading pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, on their bodies and through their excrement. When flies land on food items or food preparation surfaces, they can transfer these harmful microorganisms, leading to foodborne illnesses and outbreaks.
  • Product Quality: In addition to health concerns, flies can compromise the quality of your products. Their presence can lead to unsightly contamination, spoilage, or altered flavors, making your food and beverages less appealing to customers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Health and safety regulations mandate stringent hygiene standards for food and hospitality businesses. Failure to meet these requirements can result in fines, closure orders, or even legal action. Having a robust fly control system, including fly killer units, is a crucial component of compliance with these regulations.

Overall, flies can significantly impact a business’s reputation and therefore customer referrals. Businesses need to take proactive measures to prevent infestations and address them promptly if they occur.

Fly & Fly Killer Unit FAQs

  • What problems can arise from Flies?

    A few problems that can arise from flies include:

    – Food contamination and foodborne illnesses
    – Negative customer experience and reputation damage
    – Regulatory violations and fines
    – Product quality degradation
    – Loss of revenue
    – Employee discomfort
    – Environmental concerns
    – Disease transmission and hygiene issues

  • Why are Fly Killer Units important for a business?

    The importance of fly killer units for businesses includes:

    – Ensures food safety by preventing fly-borne contamination.
    – Enhances customer satisfaction and maintains a positive image.
    – Safeguards the business’s reputation by preventing fly issues.
    – Helps comply with health and safety regulations and avoids legal consequences.
    – Preserves product quality and prevents spoilage.
    – Offers long-term cost savings by avoiding potential financial losses.
    – Boosts employee productivity in a fly-free workplace.
    – Demonstrates environmental responsibility with modern, eco-friendly units.

  • How do I choose the right EFKs

    There are various factors to consider when choosing the right EFK for your premises. Depending on the unit’s location, you may select a discrete unit disguised within an aesthetically pleasing uplighter unit. Alternatively, in food preparation areas where hygiene is critical, you may choose an LED, glass-free, glue board unit like the LED EcoFly to eliminate the risk of food contamination with glass or shattered flying insects.

    The effectiveness of an EFK depends on the size of an area and the location of the EFK(s). Therefore, seeking professional help is always advisable to ensure you have the optimal solution for your space to maintain a fly-free environment. Contact us for a no-obligation site survey or to discuss our range of electric fly killer units.

  • Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for fly killer units?

    Our LED EcoFly unit stands out from standard fluorescent devices and those using 3 x 15W tubes. Enjoy significant savings and environmental benefits.

    Energy and Cost Efficient: Save up to 85% on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional units (leading to reduced carbon footprint and cost savings).

    Enhanced Food Safety: Using encapsulation board technology over electrical killing grids with more efficient fly catch rates.

    Environmentally Friendly: No longer reliant on ultraviolet tubes (harmful gases).

    Glass-Free Unit: No risk of glass contamination to any products.

    Protects Against Diseases: Flies are a health risk, especially in the food and hospitality sectors.

    Complies with Food Safety Laws: Essential for businesses in the food industry.

  • Are fly killer units effective against all types of flies?

    Fly killer units are generally effective against a wide range of fly species, including common nuisance flies such as house flies, fruit flies, blow flies, and bottle flies. These units work by attracting flies to a light source or bait and then trapping or electrocuting them.

  • What other fly control solutions are there?

    Where you have large infestations of flies, immediate lock down is required to reduce the risk of contamination to products or food items.

    Vergo has specialist ULV and fogging equipment that is used to treat a complete room efficiently and effectively. We have a national capability to carry out this service with our highly skilled technicians using the correct PPE and specialist equipment.

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