Specialist Pest Control

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Specialist Pest Control

When you think about pest control typically you think of rats and mice; that is until you unfortunately come across another pest within in your home or your work place.

Within the UK we have a wide variety of species that are classified as pests. Some of these, such as bedbug and cockroaches, are a consistent problem throughout the year. Others have peaks of problem activity depending on the season.


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Spring is the breeding season for many pest species. Birds nesting on buildings can be a key problem at this time. There can also be problems with insects emerging from hibernation.


Summer typically means hotter days and as such pest activity becomes more evident. Populations of many insects will be at their peak in the warmer weather. Flies are most prevalent at this time; nuisance wasp activity peaks in late summer; moth, beetle and mite problems are at their height in the summer.


As temperatures starts to drop, typically pests start to look for somewhere warm to spend the winter. Rodents often enter buildings in the Autumn; wasps can still be a major problem at this time; cluster and swarming flies can invade buildings in huge numbers to overwinter.


With outside temperatures having dropped, rats and mice, which do not hibernate, become the most active seasonal species having found warmth from our buildings.