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Hawking - Birds of Prey

Eliminate nuisance birds from your premises with Vergo's birds of prey.
Our wide range of bird control solutions are effective and humane methods of avian control.

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Falconry bird control

All species of wild birds, along with their nests and eggs, are legally protected in the UK. However, there are humane and effective solutions to managing nuisance birds within the bounds of the law.

When dealing with nuisance birds such as pigeons or gulls, it is advisable to seek a professional pest management company like Vergo Pest Management. Our team of specialist avian control professionals has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in protecting our customers’ sites against unwanted pest birds.

At Vergo, we offer a wide range of bird control solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our bird and avian control solutions range from traditional methods such as netting, spiking, hawking, and bird wire systems to state-of-the-art technologies including bird lasers and bird scarers.

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What is hawking?

Hawking is a highly effective and humane method of controlling nuisance birds, which involves using trained birds of prey to scare away or capture nuisance birds. The trained birds of prey are flown over an area where unwanted birds (such as pigeons and gulls) are present, the birds of prey’s presence naturally deters the pest birds from remaining in the area without causing them harm.

Hawks make the area far less attractive as a nesting or feeding location as they believe the birds of prey will attack them and their young; the pest birds will relocate to find a safer place to nest elsewhere.

Benefits of hawking

Using hawks as a method of bird control can offer several benefits, such as:

  • Highly Effective: Hawks are highly effective at scaring off unwanted birds; they are trained to fly to mimic a natural predator, causing unwanted birds to see them as a threat and vacate the area. Hawks are a versatile choice for bird control due to their ability to cover a vast area and their adaptability to different environments.
  • Natural Deterrent: Birds of prey such as hawks are natural predators to many bird species, and a hawk’s presence can deter unwanted birds. Seeing a hawk circling overhead or perched on a nearby structure can cause other birds to flee the area, reducing the likelihood of damage or disturbance.
  • Humane Solution: Unlike other bird control methods, using hawks is a non-lethal solution. The hawks are trained to scare off unwanted birds rather than harm them, making it a humane option for bird control.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Using hawks as a form of bird control is also an eco-friendly option for avian control, as no harmful chemicals or poisons are involved in hawking. Using trained hawks is a sustainable practice used for centuries.

Overall, using hawks as a form of bird control can offer a natural, non-lethal, eco-friendly, and effective solution for deterring unwanted birds.

Meet Matt Vergo’s Falconer and his Hawks Electra and Tiny. 


Our bird of prey programme

Vergo’s Bird of Prey Programme involves multiple visits from a trained bird handler and bird of prey throughout the year. The bird handler will determine the frequency of flights required each week, depending on the type of bird that needs to be deterred. Different bird species require different approaches for successful deterrence.

During the Bird of Prey Programme, the handler will vary the timing of flights over the affected site. They will continually monitor the bird infestation levels and adjust flying time as needed.

Our experienced bird handler will identify the most effective vantage points from which to fly the birds of prey. As the raptors fly over the affected area, they will disturb the pest birds, giving the impression that the raptor is a threat to the colony. However, the birds of prey are trained only to deter the pest birds and will not attack them at any time.

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Bird control legislation

The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) serves as the governing legislation for the protection of all avian species.

At Vergo, we strictly adhere to the regulations outlined in this legislation for all our methods of controlling nuisance birds and are approved by the relevant legislation bodies:

  • Natural England
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
  • The Welsh Assembly
  • Northern Ireland Department of the Environment

In most instances, individual license applications are required for the preservation of public health and safety and air safety. Vergo’s team take care of this programme and liaise with the relevant bodies to ensure that we are fully compliant.

Commercial falconry

Pest birds can cause significant nuisance and property damage to various businesses, making it crucial to seek the services of bird control experts who can provide effective deterrent solutions in a timely manner.

At Vergo Pest Management, we offer professional and humane bird control solutions that ensure your business is free from pesky bird species. Our team of specialist avian experts provides commercial bird control services across the country, catering to a broad range of clients, from small independent retailers to large-scale stores.

We take pride in our membership with the British Pest Control Association and numerous safety accreditations such as CHAS, Safe Contractor, and ISO 9001.

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