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Squirrel Removal & Pest Control Services

Vergo Pest Control is ready to deal with any and all squirrel problems you may be facing.

Quick & efficient squirrel removal services

Vergo Pest Control is ready to deal with any and all squirrel problems you may be facing.

Our highly-qualified team members have received all of the necessary training to effectively eradicate all domestic rodent infestations.

Not only that, we will advise you on the best methods for ensuring that the issue doesn’t become a reoccurring one. Every contractor is a courteous professional with many years of experience. You will always find our team members to be diligent and friendly while working at your property.

You will find our prices to be very competitive and market appropriate when compared to our nearest competitors. With more than 15 years of experience to draw from and a loyal client base, you can have peace of mind when enlisting our expertise.

The different types of squirrels

Grey squirrels

Grey squirrels usually have bodies measuring at around 18 inches. The adults normally weigh about one pound. The grey variety can have some other coloured hairs in their coat and they normally have a white stomach. Their summer coat is shorter and sleeker, taking on a more brownish hue.

Most active in the daytime, grey squirrels can inhabit the attic areas as well as smaller crawlspaces. They normally enter these areas from your gutters or nearby bushes. Spouts are another common entry point.

Red squirrels

Red squirrels are smaller in size and lighter in weight, with a brownish red coat in the summertime. The natural habitat of the red squirrel is a tree cavity in wooded areas – especially among hickory and oak trees.

Squirrels generally tend to cause more problems in the spring and autumn. This is because they are usually actively looking for food during these seasons and creating issues along the way.

Squirrels causing damage

Some people may not realise that pest control for squirrels is an option, and oftentimes very necessary. While they are generally more liked than other rodents, it’s a fact that squirrels can cause serious havoc if they have the freedom to freely navigate your garden or living spaces.

If there are no trees that squirrels can strip bark off of, they might instead discover the wooden beams of your attic. When this goes on for long enough, the structural integrity of the property will be compromised.

A proactive approach

Bird enthusiasts enlist our services for squirrel control because they often steal the food that people leave in their gardens to attract certain types of birds. In some cases, squirrels can strip the protective covering of wires, which can become a fire hazard.

With any kind of rodent infestation, taking a proactive approach is vital and squirrels are no exception. Vergo Pest Control will know exactly what to look out for and consider during a property survey.

Signs of squirrel infestation

The first indicator of squirrels being present within your property is loud scratching noises coming from the walls or the garage area. Increased sightings are another sure sign that squirrels have moved in. The other signs to look out for include:

  • Damaged Garden Plants
  • Droppings in and Around the Property
  • Holes in the House Siding
  • New Nests in Nearby Trees
  • Small Holes in the Garden
  • Trees Without Bark

Commercial squirrel removal

Besides helping domestic clients, Vergo Pest Control offers pest control services to commercial clients all over the UK. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to book your free inspection at a convenient time.

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