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Exterior Cleaning Services

We provide exterior cleaning services for commercial and residential properties, including healthcare facilities and housing authorities to help maintain beautiful exteriors.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive service includes pressure washing, graffiti removal and window cleaning. When paired with grounds maintenance, we can help to ensure that the exterior of your premises is clean and welcoming to residents, staff and visitors. Our flexible cleaning service allows you to build a service contract to suit your needs.

Jet Washing Service

Do you require any exterior cleaning? If so, contact us today and arrange a visit from a member of our team.

Keeping your environment clean and safe

With sites in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London, we can quickly deploy teams up and down the country. Our highly skilled and professional team go above and beyond, offering advice and guidance to help you maintain your exteriors. We even offer a free quote and survey to get you started.

Comprehensive exterior cleaning

Pressure washing can help to remove years of dirt and grime. We use a 1000l tank with a powerful diesel engine to provide 3,000psi pressure washing. This will dislodge dirt, grease and moss from any surface, including pavements, walls, pipes, decking, driveways and more. Pressure washing can help to brighten your exteriors and prevent damage from the buildup of dirt.

When graffiti appears on your exteriors, it’s important to deal with it swiftly to prevent further crime. Our graffiti removal services are swift and effective. We can deploy cleaning teams to your site at short notice and they will assess the damage before taking steps to remove the unwelcome artwork. Chemicals and high-powered pressure washers allow us to remove spray paint, ink and other marks from almost any surface

Window cleaning is an important part of facilities management that should not be overlooked. Our staff are trained to clean windows up to 80ft high using telescopic water fed brushes. This leaves a streak and spot-free finish that is the industry standard. This method is also faster and safer, ensuring minimal downtime if any. High-level cleaning is also available on request. We can also clean window frames, conservatories, skylights and glass roofing.

Exterior Cleaning FAQs

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