Bee Pest Control & Removal Services

Our regional bee specialists are here to help remove physical nests where required.

Why are bees protected?

Bees are an important contributor to the pollination of flowers and crops.

As a result there are restrictions on what can be done to treat bees that are inconveniently located or present a health risk to members of the public.

Vergo has partnered up with Bee.Watch to remove swarms, and other regional specialists to remove physical nests where required.

Bee.Watch have created software for members of the public to report swarms for beekeepers to collect & farmers can report pesticide spray applications so beekeepers can protect bees.

Why do Honey Bees swarm?

Honey bee swarming is a natural event and can occur at any time during the Spring and Summer.

When honey bees swarm, a large proportion of the honey bees leave their nest in search of a new location to start a new colony and that place can be anywhere that is warm, dry and offer protection from the elements with room to expand the colony.

Common locations for unwanted nests include inside roof spaces, behind facia boards and soffits and within wall cavities or outbuildings such as sheds or garages.


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