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Moths Pest Control Services

Vergo can rid your home or business of a moth infestation by sending our expert technicians to the rescue.

Do you have a moth problem?

It is common to spot moths in your home over the course of the year, but there are times when the problem requires professional assistance.

Here at Vergo, we can rid your home of a moth infestation by sending our expert technicians to the rescue.

Moths do not represent any sort of threat to your health, but they can cause significant damage to clothing and furniture. Various fabrics, furs, leather and carpets could be ruined by a moth, so if you have spotted some destruction, get in touch now.

Vergo are here to help!

How can we solve your moth problem?

In plenty of cases, certain sprays and other products can deal with moths, but there are occasions when that is not enough. It is common for the insects to pop up every now and again in someone’s home, but what you may not realise is that an infestation can happen quickly.

If that becomes the case, then Vergo pest control is on hand to solve the issue. We have expert pest controllers that possess a range of insecticides. Whatever the issue, you can rest assured that we will rid you of your moth infestation. As well as destroying the infestation, we will reassure you that it is not a temporary fix.

We know how frustrating it is to have unwanted pests in your home, so we make sure that our technicians get the job done to a high standard.


How can I tell if moths are eating my carpet?

Textile pests do not carry disease and do not bite humans, and therefore are not considered a risk to human health. However, they are a nuisance pest as they can cause severe damage to textile products such as wool, fur, leather, silk, and other natural fibres.

The damage is caused by the larval stage of the species as they feed off the keratin within the natural fibres in order to survive and grow into their adult form. If left untreated the damage they can cause to carpets and clothing can be significant; as the numbers increase the damage gets greater.

There are a number of species of moth and beetle that attack textiles. The most common ones are varied carpet beetles and clothes moths.

How to spot the signs

It is difficult to miss a moth when it is flying or crawling around a room in your house, but there are ways to spot an early infestation.

As mentioned, the flying insects target clothing and fabrics, so holes in such materials could be an indicator. However, if you notice an adult moth – one that crawls rather than flies – then you may have a bigger problem in your property.

You may be at risk of an infestation if you see maggot-like larvae, who are moth caterpillars. If those are spotted, it could mean that a few are growing in your home. You should also keep an eye out for silken tubes and cases, which larvae live in, as well as silk cocoons known as pupae.

What you should look out for

You may not be aware, but there are a variety of different moths that may target your home. They include:

  • Common Clothes Moth
  • Case-Bearing Clothes Moth
  • Brown House Moth
  • White-Shouldered House Moth

If you have noticed strange holes in your clothes, your fabrics may have come into contact with a common clothes moth. The adult flying insects are 6-8 mm in length and have no notable markings.

Moths that are dark in colour with three faint spots are likely to be of the case-bearing variety. This particular species targets imported animal fabrics and will make holes in clothing more regularly than other moths.

Wool, leather and feathers are likely to be targeted by brown house moths, who are sized between 8-14 mm as adults. The creatures are brown in colour, with three or four darker spots. As for the white-shouldered house moth, they feed on a variety of food and are between 6-10 mm. It is important to differentiate between the creatures in order to know how best to deal with them.

It is worth noting that moths are drawn to light but will hide in dark places. Plus, you are more likely to see them in the summer months as they are most comfortable in humid conditions. As well as feeding on clothes and furniture, some moths target hair, dead insects and pollen.

Commercial moth control

Many would assume that it is only people’s wardrobes that are targeted by moths, but that is not the case.

As well as servicing domestic areas, we also welcome commercial clients. Perhaps your offices have encountered a pest problem and you need a professional team to deal with it. Well here at Vergo, we have the expertise to handle a bigger space if needs be.

Do not allow your business to be affected by insect infestations and give us a call on 0344 335 0330 – we will arrange a visit at your earliest convenience.

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