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Food and Healthcare

Our pest controllers work with you as a team,
to meet complex auditing requirements, and support you in maintaining a pest free environment.

Food and healthcare pest management

Food and healthcare companies are constantly under the microscope for the way they ensure their products are not contaminated by pests.

There are all-encompassing legal requirements and editable standards that need to be met.

The roll of your pest controller is work with you as a team to help you meet the complex auditing requirements, and support you in maintaining a pest free environment for your products. Vergo understand the critical role that we play in protecting our clients in the food and healthcare industries.

Keeping your products & premises safe

Ensuring the products you produce have been made in a safe, clean and pest free environment is vital to ensure they are safe for the consumer.

From the raw materials at your suppliers’ premises, through goods-in, manufacturing, finished product storage and right through to the end consumer, it is important to be confident that pests do not impact on your products. And this confidence in your facilities, procedures and processes needs to be demonstrable to a variety of auditing bodies, including specialists in pest control.

Vergo can help you achieve and demonstrate thorough and effective pest management by using specialist monitoring techniques, advising on pest prevention tactics, pursuing suitable and swift actions in the case of an infestation, and ensuring appropriate documentation is in place.

Food and Healthcare Pest Control to Help Protect Your Business

Food Retail

Pest control in food retail is essential for maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for customers and employees.



Pest control in healthcare facilities is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors.



One of the main reasons why pharmaceutical facilities need to have a strong pest control program in place is to maintain the integrity...


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