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Bird Proofing Services

Our extensive selection of bird-proofing deterrents allows us to effectively and safely deter birds from any property.

Effective bird proofing solutions, supplied and installed by certified Vergo pest technicians

Are birds wreaking havoc on your property, leaving behind unsightly messes and causing damage to your structures? Look no further than Vergo Pest Management’s comprehensive Bird Proofing Services. Our expert specialist proofing team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively address your avian woes, protecting your property from the nuisance and destruction caused by birds. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary and obligation-free survey.

Damage birds can cause:

Birds may appear harmless and majestic as they soar through the skies, but they can become a significant nuisance when they invade your property. Here are some of the damages that birds can inflict:

  • Structural Damage: Birds have a knack for perching and nesting in inconvenient places, and their constant presence can result in structural damage, as their droppings, nests, feathers, and acidic droppings can corrode building materials, including wood, metal, wood, and stone. Over time, this can compromise the integrity of your structures, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Vehicle Damage: Bird droppings can cause significant damage to vehicles, including paint corrosion and etching, requiring expensive repairs.
  • Health Hazards: Birds, especially pigeons, carry numerous diseases and parasites, posing a significant threat to human health. Their droppings carry dangerous pathogens like salmonella and E. coli, capable of contaminating surfaces and causing severe illness. Moreover, bird feathers and nesting materials can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Additionally, the presence of bird droppings increases the risk of slip hazards, further compromising safety.
  • Property Aesthetics: Bird mess is unsightly and can tarnish the visual appeal of your property. Bird droppings deface surfaces, including roofs, walkways, and facades, making them appear dirty and uninviting. Bird droppings can negatively impact visitors, customers, or potential buyers, impacting your home or business’s overall value or first impression.
  • Noise Pollution: Birds can contribute to noise pollution, disrupting peace and tranquillity with their constant chirping and calls generally in the morning; this can be a nuisance and negatively affect people trying to sleep nearby.
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Our effective bird proofing solutions

With our diverse range of bird-proofing solutions, we can safely and successfully deter birds from any property, prioritising their well-being. Our comprehensive bird control solutions include:

  • Bird Netting – Bird netting is a practical and efficient bird deterrent solution that uses a physical barrier of netting material. The netting prevents birds from accessing certain areas, for example, gardens, crops, rooftops, or structures. It creates a protective barrier that blocks birds from entering or nesting in the designated space. Bird netting is a humane and environmentally friendly approach that allows for the exclusion of birds without causing them harm. Bird netting is a versatile and widely used method to safeguard properties from bird-related damage.
  • Bird Spiking – Bird spiking is a popular bird deterrent method that involves strategically installing specially designed spikes on surfaces where birds tend to perch or roost. The pointed spikes (usually made from stainless steel or plastic) make it difficult for birds to land and discourage them from settling on ledges, rooftops, signs, or other areas where they can cause damage or create a nuisance. Bird spiking is a humane and effective way to deter birds without causing them harm, as the spikes create a physical barrier that prevents them from perching or nesting.
  • Bird Lasers – Bird laser deterrents are advanced devices designed to deter birds from specific areas using laser technology. Bird laser devices emit a laser beam projected in a sweeping pattern, creating a visual deterrent for birds that perceive it as a threat. Therefore, birds instinctively avoid the area, preventing them from roosting, nesting, or causing damage. Bird lasers are highly effective in deterring many bird species, including pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows. They can be instrumental in open spaces like airports, agricultural fields, industrial sites, and rooftops. Bird lasers offer a humane and eco-friendly solution, as they do not harm the birds or humans but rather modify their behaviour by creating a perceived danger zone.
  • Vergo Protect Bird Scarer – Traditional bird scarers are often ineffective, largely due to habituation. Birds can quickly become accustomed to new scaring methods and establish that these traditional approaches are not a genuine threat. This means that these systems quickly lose their desired effect unless you’re regularly moving them around the problem area. Vergo’s Bird Scarer has been developed explicitly to meet this challenge by combining modern IoT technology with time-tested bird-scaring practices to avoid habituation. The system monitors pest bird species 24/7 within a range of 250 metres. Once a bird is detected, the system activates a built-in distress signal in a varied pattern to scare that specific species from landing and becoming established on a building. When a specific nuisance bird is identified in the area, it activates one of five input options. Built-in distress calls ring out using the recommended speakers, which scare the birds away. The Bird Scarer system then analyses if the sought-out effect is achieved, and if not, it reactivates.
  • Bird Wire Solutions – Bird wire solutions are effective bird deterrent systems designed to prevent birds from landing or perching on specific surfaces. Bird wire systems typically consist of thin stainless steel wires that are tensioned between posts or brackets. The wires are strategically placed to create an unstable landing surface for birds, discouraging them from roosting or nesting. Bird wire solutions are commonly installed on ledges, rooftops, signs, and other areas where birds congregate. This humane method disrupts the birds’ balance and makes it uncomfortable for them to land. Bird wire solutions are highly versatile, customisable and provide long-lasting protection against avian intrusions without causing harm to the birds themselves.

Trust Vergo to protect your property without causing harm to these majestic creatures. Contact us today to book your free no obligation survey, or discover more about our bird control services.

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