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How to Prevent a Problem with Pigeons

We have the expertise & knowledge to safely divert and move on problematic pigeons from your premises.

How to Prevent a Pigeon Problem

Pigeons, often considered as urban birds, can become a significant nuisance when they decide to roost or nest atop your home or business. Their droppings can cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and pose health risks. Here we explore how different solutions can be used to prevent a problem with pigeons or divert and move existing pigeons away from your buildings and properties.

Typically they are attracted to areas that provide food, water, and suitable roosting or nesting sites. Therefore to effectively prevent pigeon-related issues you first need to look into reducing these attractions.

Whether you are trying to prevent a problem with pigeons or deal with an established presence, Vergo offer a comprehensive range of options to deter pigeons, which is suitable for all environments. This includes bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, bird repellent gels, and deterrents such as bird lasers or acoustic scarers. In addition, Vergo’s birds of prey can also be deployed to deter pigeons.

All of these options are considered humane and act as a non-lethal deterrent designed to discourage pigeons from landing or roosting on specific surfaces. Here at Vergo we take great care in the control of birds, specifically in line with the Wildlife & Countryside act, we always follow the laws and legislations associated with bird protection.

A full survey of your property and surrounds will be carried out by a member of our team to help us identify the key areas where the pigeons are most prevalent. Common sites include ledges, window sills, and rooftops. We would make our recommendations for the installation of bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, bird repellent gels, bird laser, acoustic scarers or birds of prey.

By creating uncomfortable surfaces and physical barriers, you can divert and move pigeons away, protecting your structures and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Professional installation and regular maintenance are key to ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of these deterrents.

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