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Environmental hygiene services

Looking for food processing, storage and manufacturing hygiene services?
Vergo provides a wide range of hygiene services for food handling and processing facilities.

Environmental Hygiene Services

From the beginning of the food handling chain to food manufacturing and processing environment hygiene is a critical part in reducing the risk from pest contamination and damage.

Every cleaning situation presents a different challenge which requires specialist cleaners and hygiene management with food handling experience.

Vergo can offer precise hygiene management right from the Grain store and Farm to the food manufacturing and processing industry. Our experience with the industry and knowledge with best practice and legislative requirements ensures a consistent quality service to you.

Our thorough hiring process and ongoing industry training allow us to have the best staff for the job. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to tailor a food manufacturing cleaning solution that meets their business’ needs.

Specialist cleaning and disinfection

Unique Business Protection System

Vergo are able to offer a unique Business Protection System for Grain store and Farm to Food Manufacturers, combining expert pest control and specialist food factory cleaning to help prevent insect and rodent infestations across all stages of food manufacture, ensuring audit success and providing cost efficiency.

Pest problems are taken very seriously in the food manufacturing industry and with legislation, health and safety, and business reputation to consider, a pest-free environment is crucial. By employing our skills we can tailor programmes to meet those needs.

We can maximise the efficiency of pest prevention by identifying areas that can attract and harbour pests and eliminating the risk of infestation by thorough cleaning which is becoming more essential due to the continuing and increasing restraints on the use of toxic chemicals to control pests.

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