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Seasonal Pests

Discover which pests are more prevalent during certain times of the year

As each new season emerges, it brings along a fresh set of pest challenges.

Given that most pests tend to gravitate towards familiar environments and exhibit consistent behaviours, staying proactive can give you the upper hand in managing these issues.

Vergo is committed to providing you with effective strategies to thwart or minimise the incursion of unwelcome visitors before it becomes overwhelming. Understanding the specific signs to watch for during different seasons serves as an invaluable tool in combating pest problems.

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The below chart indicates which pests are more active and prevalent at certain times of the year. However it is worth remembering that a lot of pests, such as mice and rats, can be active all year round.

Seasonal Pests Chart

Common pest found during the winter

Pest problems during the winter often escalate as pests seek warmth and food indoors, posing challenges for homeowners and businesses alike.

Mice | Rats | Bed Bugs | Moths | Pigeons | Cockroaches

Common pests found during the spring

During the spring, pest problems may intensify as pests become more active, seeking out new nesting sites and food sources in and around homes and businesses.

AntsWasps | Bees | Flies | Bed Bugs | Moles | Moths | Pigeons | Gulls | Cockroaches

Common pests found during the summer

Pest problems during the summer months often surge as warmer temperatures accelerate the breeding and activity of various pests, requiring heightened vigilance for effective control measures.

AntsWasps | Bees | Flies | Bed Bugs | Moles | Moths | Pigeons | Gulls | Cockroaches

Common pests found during the autumn

During the autumn season, pest problems may arise as pests seek shelter and food indoors in preparation for the colder months ahead, necessitating proactive pest management strategies.

Wasps | Flies | Bed Bugs | MothsMice | Rats | Pigeons | Cockroaches