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Signs of a gull or seagull problem

We have the expertise & knowledge to know when you have a gull problem, these signs may include:


Signs of a gull problem

Here are some signs of a gull problem, particularly in urban or coastal areas:

  • Aggressive behaviour: Gulls can become territorial and exhibit aggressive behaviour, especially during their nesting season. They may dive-bomb or swoop down on people or pets that come too close to their nests.
  • Nesting sites: Gulls tend to build nests on rooftops, balconies, chimneys, or other elevated areas. The presence of nests, nesting materials (such as twigs, grass, and feathers), or eggs is a clear indication of a gull problem.
  • Excessive noise: Gulls are known for their loud and persistent calls. If you notice an excessive amount of gull noise, especially in urban areas where it may not be typical, it could be a sign of an increased gull population.
  • Droppings: Gulls produce a significant amount of droppings, which can be a nuisance and cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and public spaces. Accumulations of gull droppings on structures or walkways are a common sign of a gull problem.
  • Food scavenging: Gulls are opportunistic feeders and are often attracted to garbage, landfill sites, or food waste in outdoor dining areas. If you observe gulls actively scavenging for food in inappropriate areas, it may indicate a gull problem.
  • Disturbed waste bins: Gulls are known to be skilled at opening waste bins and scavenging for food inside. Evidence of bins being tampered with, torn open, or scattered garbage in an area can be indicative of gull activity.
  • Increased gull population: If you notice a sudden increase in the number of gulls in your area, it could be a sign of a gull problem. Large flocks gathering in close proximity or roosting on buildings are clear signs of a growing gull population.
  • Damage to property: Gulls can cause damage to property by pecking at roofing materials, insulation, or causing blockages in gutters and drains with nesting materials. Look for signs of structural damage or debris caused by gulls.
  • If you encounter any of these signs, it may be worth considering appropriate measures to address the gull problem, such as contacting us, we are pest control professionals who specialise in bird management, control and prevention.

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