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How to Avoid a Mole Issue

Here we explore how to avoid moles from damaging lawns, gardens and sports grounds.

Preventative Tips to Avoid Problematic Moles

We can help you avoid an issue with moles at your premises and on your land.

The presence of moles can quickly turn a well-kept lawn, sports field or any piece of land into a frustrating battleground of mud mounds. Moles are notorious for their extensive tunnelling which can disrupt your garden and damage plant roots. However there are a number of preventative measures that you can put in place to deter moles and minimise their impact.

Mole hills - Mole pest control
  1. Keep Your Garden Neat and Tidy.
    Moles are attracted to areas with plenty of insects and grubs. Regularly clear away garden waste, such as piles of leaves and branches, to reduce their habitat options.
  2. Maintain Short Grass.
    Moles prefer to tunnel through longer grass, which provides cover and easy access to insects. Keep your lawn trimmed regularly to discourage them from settling in.
  3. Use Natural Repellents.
    Some natural repellents, like castor oil-based products, can deter moles. These can be applied to the soil and are safe for pets and children.
  4. Install Barriers.
    Consider installing physical barriers like hardware cloth or wire mesh to prevent moles from burrowing into specific areas of your garden, such as vegetable patches or around the perimeter.
  5. Avoid Over-Watering.
    Over-watered lawns can attract insects which will in turn attract moles.
  6. Choose Mole-Resistant Plants.
    Some plants are less attractive to moles due to their taste or scent. Plant these varieties in areas where mole activity is a concern.
  7. Monitor Your Garden.
    Regularly inspect your garden for signs of unusual activity, such as raised tunnels or mounds of soil. Identifying and addressing mole activity early can help prevent larger infestations.

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