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Vergo donates £4000 to charity from recycled fly control units

August 25, 2023

For food retailers, controlling flies within their stores is paramount to ensure the quality and integrity of their products. Failure to effectively manage can lead to the transfer of disease, in addition flies being seen on products and risk of prosecution under food safety regulations.

Vergo Pest Management has been working with a major food retailer client to modernise their fly control solution to align with their current lighting specifications, to further reduce their carbon footprint and to stop using fluorescent tubes containing harmful gases without compromising food safety.

Over a three-month period, Vergo’s dedicated installation team has installed 4750 LED EcoFly units across the client’s estate. This huge project required a close working relationship with the client’s project team to ensure all units across 1400 sites had the necessary electrical connection.

Vergo removed and recycled all old electric fly control units as part of this project, and this generated £4000, which Vergo donated to the client’s chosen charity, Comic Relief.

Our client now has enhanced protection against flies with an 85% energy saving year on year. Vergo services the units to ensure maximum protection against flies and flying insects 24/7.

“We needed a solution to modernise our fly control. The LED EcoFly was the best unit on the market, and with the guidance and support of our trusted partner Vergo, this was the obvious solution to take forward. We are pleased with both the decision and the execution of the rollout. The unit change has ensured enhanced protection against flies in our stores, and we have also contributed positively to charity through the funds generated from recycling the previous units”. Client statement.


What are the benefits of Vergo’s LED EcoFly® fly control unit?

The LED EcoFly is the market-leading fly control unit which is best in class both in terms of its ability to catch flies and its energy efficiency.

  • Cost Efficient: The unit uses economical LED strip lights. With reduced energy usage by 85% against the current models, leading to reduced carbon footprint and cost savings.
  • Sustainable: The unit does not contain hazardous materials like mercury or phosphor powder (which can be found in fluorescent tube fly control units).
  • Maintenance: It features quick-release access for effortless upkeep.
  • Improved UVA Output: The LED EcoFly maximizes UVA output, which is vital for attracting flies.
  • Performance: The unit demonstrates a 62% increased fly catch within 10 minutes compared to its fluorescent counterpart. Moreover, certain scenarios reported up to a 3.5x surge in fly catch within the same time frame.
  • Food Safety: The LED model showcases superior fly catch performance, which consequently bolsters food safety standards.
  • Glass Free: Therefore, no risk of glass contamination to any products.
  • Reduced Heat Emission: LEDs emit less heat than traditional bulbs, which can be beneficial in preventing the unit from becoming a potential fire hazard and ensuring the glue boards remain effective.
  • Durability and Longevity: The unit is hardwearing and has a longer lifespan than fluorescent units.
  • Glue Board Fly Control: Providing a hygienic solution that enables fly catch analysis.

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Get all of your UK pest control updates here at The Buzz!

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