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Why is silo cleaning important?

Agricultural and industrial silos in food production, or on farms, require regular maintenance. This is vital to ensure product residue doesn’t build up on the insides and discharge sections which can lead to product contamination and spoilage.

Silo cleaning has a tendency to be put to the “back of the queue” – put off until the necessity is overwhelming therefore causing problems such as a build-up of material, infestation etc. and lost bin capacity.

Insect activity within silos is a constant risk and therefore regular cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of stored product insects breeding within silos which result in product contamination, and may result in bad publicity, customer complaints and costly disrupted production schedules.

The area’s most affected by a build up of unwanted debris and infestation, i.e. roof, dead areas, are in the discharge cone or outlet areas. The cleaning of silos is therefore crucial to food hygiene. These problems are minimised by regular cleaning, spraying with food safe insecticides if infestation is present, and therefore providing cleaner bin surfaces resulting in better hygiene and product flow. Filters and filter sleeves can also be checked and cleaned or replaced.

Safety is always a primary concern when engaging in work in confined spaces. Vergo UK’s team of rope access staff are fully trained and equipped to operate safely in this type of environment. Silo cleaning is an integral part of good pest management on a site, and as a company we believe that we are unique in offering this service in house as a compliment to our pest control business.


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