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Commercial Pest Control & Pest Extermination Services

It’s our business to protect your business!
Custom pest control plans to fit the needs of your individual business or organisation.

Why choose Vergo for pest management?

We understand the importance of pest management within your business and are well aware of the cost implications and inconvenience a pest infestation can cause.

With over 40 years of expertise Vergo delivers comprehensive pest management and extermination services around the country.

We provide a full range of pest management services to all market sectors, including public and local authorities, food manufacturing, facilities management, retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, education, and the hospitality industry.

Through the use of modern technologies, we are able to deliver smart pest solutions. These include the use of drones, smart traps, and web-based reporting tools as well as specialist teams to carry out proofing services.

How does Vergo deliver value?

Our service and technical teams have a wealth of experience in delivering pest services to multiple sectors throughout the UK.

  • We can tailor our visiting times around your operational needs
  • We develop bespoke solutions for national, regional and local clients to provide intelligent pest management services across the UK
  • We use the latest technology to deliver smart solutions including drones, smart traps, and web-based reporting tools
  • We deliver bird proofing and rodent proofing with dedicated specialist teams

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Commercial Pest Control to Help Protect Your Business


We use various methods for pest control in agriculture & understand the importance of integrated pest management (IPM) in protecting crops & the...


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