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Vergo pest control technicians can provide you with a range of solutions for seagull control

What are seagulls?

Gull Species (Laridae), often referred to as Seagulls, are medium sized to large, long winged birds that regularly occur in large flocks.

They are largely white, while their back and wings may be either grey or black.

While most people refer to all species of gulls as seagulls, there are actually a number of different species, all distinct from each other. These include the Black-Backed Gull, the Black-Headed Gull, the Common Gulls, and the Herring Gull. All of these species, except for Black-Headed Gulls and Common Gulls, are classed as pests and can be controlled under the Health and Safety General License. Additionally, all gull species can be controlled under the Air Safety General License.

Seagull facts

Gull species can live for up to 25 years and, unlike other pest bird species, they lay relatively few eggs each year.

The nesting season begins around April or May, with gulls laying a single clutch of eggs, typically between 2 and 3 chicks. Once the eggs have hatched, their behaviour becomes extremely aggressive towards anything they view as a threat, posing a direct public health risk. As gulls have poor depth perception, they may see people a few storeys below as being right next to their nests and thus act to protect their chicks.

Having Seagulls on your property can be a health hazard as they spread diseases such as E-coli and Salmonella. These are transmitted through their droppings, which also deface buildings, pavements, and entrances.

Seagull pest control

Seagulls can be tricky to deal with as they do not settle in a single centre of activity, are highly adaptable, and are considerably more intelligent than most pest birds.

Here at Vergo, we can provide you with a range of solutions for seagull control. For existing infestations, approaches such as nest and egg removal, as well as audible and visual bird scaring systems, can be used to encourage them to migrate elsewhere.

To ensure that your property has long term protection against seagulls, there are a range of deterrent systems we can put in place.

Seagull pest control Techniques

These include common techniques such as bird nets and spikes, as well as more innovative solutions like bird free gel. This gel appears like fire to gulls, ensuring they stay away from this perceived source of danger.

Whether you choose to utilise a tried and tested method, or the latest bird control technology, you can count on our team to provide the finest solutions. We will treat any seagull problems quickly, with the minimum of fuss and disruption, offering you advice on how to keep your premises free from seagulls in the future.

Commercial seagull pest control

Pest problems, including Seagull infestations, can affect any business large or small.

They are attracted to food and food waste, so if your business handles food, it can attract unwanted seagull attention.

Not only do seagulls rummage through your bins, they are also particularly destructive on the exteriors of buildings. Their droppings are rich in nitric acid which can ruin sandstone, anodised metal surfaces, timber framing, and other cladding materials. As such, for both aesthetic and health reasons, it is important to have an expert team handle your seagull control quickly and effectively.

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